Cool New Inventions We’ve Seen in 2015

Cogs spin in a wooden cutout of a human head.

Image: Shutterstock

2015 has already been a landmark year in technological advancement with many new ideas, strategies, and innovations out there. As we continue to develop things, let’s take a look at just three of the awesome inventions this year has already seen—some of them just for peace of mind, and some of them truly significant.

  1. Liquid Biopsy. Dr. Dennis Lo is working on technology that will use blood samples to detect cancers at very early stages. This technology is possible because cancer sheds cells into the bloodstream, so annual cancer screenings via blood test could be a big game changer in preventive medicine. Additionally, the liquid biopsy could also help doctors detect for particular cancer mutations. This development is a very exciting one and is certainly one to watch.
  2. Project Loon. Google hopes to bring the internet to places without via helium balloons, helping up to 4.3 billion people in rural places get online for the first time. The balloons carry a box full of solar-powered electronics to make a radio link to a telecommunications network; they also provide cellular internet coverage to smartphones. Google expects the project to be up and running in one to three years, bringing those on the outside of the internet in.
  3. SmartUnit. This is a neat item that brands itself as as “first anti-theft luggage tracker in the world that will change the way you travel.” The SmartUnit, a small device you tuck in with your items, provides your baggage’s location to your phone via GPS and sends alerts if the bag leaves the area of your cell phone’s range or when a bag has been opened under the device’s watch mode. The device, which reactivates itself upon plane’s landing, is a good way to keep track of your items.

There are hundreds of other inventions out there this year, and you can find many of them on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites. SmartUnit might not cure cancer, but it can ease your mind as you travel. Keep your eyes open: more unique ideas are popping up all over the horizon.

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