An App That Could Change the Modeling Industry

A model poses in front of a photographer.

Image: Shutterstock

There’s a new app on the horizon that has the potential to eliminate the need for agencies (and their fees) in the modeling industry. “Swipecast” functions a bit like Uber: users—photographers, casting directors, stylists, or models—can simply swipe on their phone screens to connect with each other directly. There is easy access to statistics, rate of pay, and prior work. It’s a pretty neat idea that will allow for new talent to engage in the industry and change it in their own ways.

Peter Fitzpatrick, creator of the Swipecast app and president of the Silent Models NY agency, aimed to make the modeling industry and all its moving parts more accessible to people who were interested in working in it. The app will allow new photographers and models to bulk up their portfolios, get paid more quickly, and avoid the fees charged by modeling agencies. Models can leave reviews about the people they work with.

Fitzpatrick says that there is a rigorous process to being admitted into the app—it is not open to just anyone, and people who abuse the service or act inappropriately will be booted from it to avoid some of the less-than-flattering experiences that are a possibility in working with new names over established professionals.

People in the modeling industry already use picture-heavy apps like Instagram to promote and find business, so there’s a good chance that something like Swipecast will be a success. But while modeling agencies might worry about losing business, Fitzpatrick, as an owner of one such agency, understands that some already-signed models need to run jobs by their agents. To deal with this, Swipecast allows an agent’s email to be linked to a model’s profile so they can screen acceptable jobs.

Swipecast has some real potential to make the modeling industry, of interest to so many different people with so many different specialties, a lot different. Only time will tell if the app will be a true triumph, but it’s looking good.

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