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Trump Criticized for Slow Response to Charlottesville, Quick Response to Barcelona

U.S. President Donald Trump is under fire yet again after critics point out his reluctance to condemn white nationalism and his eagerness to condemn foreign terrorism. After last week’s deadly Charlottesville attack, it took President Trump two days to denounce … Continue reading

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India’s Growing Economy Influences Private Equity Investment Patterns

India is definitely the shining light of emerging market economies. The ever-growing GDP and a concurrent rise of the middle class have resulted in increased spending across the board. Indian consumers are bringing a lot of buying power to the … Continue reading

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Uber Drivers Save Lives

Despite all the bad press Uber has been receiving lately, its drivers are a completely different matter. Florida Uber driver Chris Farley recently picked up a young male passenger who told him about being diagnosed with brain cancer. Because Farley’s … Continue reading

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Bikers Save 10 People from Highway Explosion

10 motorcyclists—music execs riding to South Dakota via Illinois for a motorcycle rally—came across a huge highway collision last week and heroically saved 10 people before the paramedics had even arrived on scene. An 18-wheel semi-truck had crashed into a … Continue reading

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China and the U.S. Race to Become World Leader in A.I.

Last month, China laid out a plan to become a world leader in A.I. by 2030. If successful, China would have control over a domestic industry estimated to be worth nearly $150 billion. “It’s a very realistic ambition,” said Anthony … Continue reading

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