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China and the U.S. Race to Become World Leader in A.I.

Last month, China laid out a plan to become a world leader in A.I. by 2030. If successful, China would have control over a domestic industry estimated to be worth nearly $150 billion. “It’s a very realistic ambition,” said Anthony … Continue reading

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Holland Considers Using Eagles to Take Down Illegal Drones

Dutch police are working with a bird training company called Guard From Above to see if eagles can be trained to take down drones that are operating illegally. The project is currently in a testing phase, but if the birds … Continue reading

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New Study Explores Formation of Rocky Planets

Alan Boss, a researcher at the Carnegie Institute, may have an answer for one of the many questions that astrophysicists have about planetary formation. Specifically, how rocky planets can form in solar systems like ours. A disc of dust and … Continue reading

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Brain Scans Could Replace Passwords

A recent study discovered that the human brain responds to different words in unique ways, and that each person’s reaction is different. Researchers at Binghampton University think that reading these “brainprints” could allow for better security that using a password, … Continue reading

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Moth Pheromones Might Help Develop Better Drones

According to entomologists, the way moths locate pheromones might help develop better flying drones. We’ve known for quite a while that male insects such as moths and mosquitos find females by first locating their pheromone trails, and then heading upwind, … Continue reading

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