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Scalise Shooting Repercussions Ramp Up

The drama around the shooting of four Republican congressmen in Alexandria last month, including Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise, continues. Scalise, who was the most seriously injured of the victims, recently returned to the hospital for more surgery—he’d already undergone several … Continue reading

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Comey is Out; Now What?

As the saga surrounding the firing of FBI Director James Comey continues, the focus is shifting from the act itself and the possible reasons behind it to what is possibly an even more important question: What happens next? How will … Continue reading

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On Emails and Polls: How a Verdict Could Affect the Presidential Race

According to a recent CNN poll, Hillary Clinton has received a 7-point bump in the polls since the Democratic National Convention. But will it be enough to win her the presidency? Unrest still exists over the email scandal, affecting both … Continue reading

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Cuban Migrants’ SOS-In-A-Bottle Brings Attention to their Fight for Freedom

When their makeshift boat began to sink, the Cuban people aboard had only one option—swim for dry land. The closest dry land, in the shark-infested waters off Sugarloaf Key, was the 109-foot tall American Shoal lighthouse. The United States’ wet-foot, … Continue reading

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New Florida Laws Address Cyberharassment, Sex Trafficking, Others

On Thursday, 27 new Florida laws officially hit the books and came into effect. These 27 laws are part of 232 bills that were signed by Florida Governor Rick Scott out of the 2015 legislative session. Most of the laws … Continue reading

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