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China and the U.S. Race to Become World Leader in A.I.

Last month, China laid out a plan to become a world leader in A.I. by 2030. If successful, China would have control over a domestic industry estimated to be worth nearly $150 billion. “It’s a very realistic ambition,” said Anthony … Continue reading

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Scientists Have Found a Way for the Human Mind to Control a Robotic Arm

The University of Pittsburgh and UPMC have joined forces to usher in the future by giving a quadriplegic patient the ability to control a robotic arm with his mind. The technology is so advanced that he can literally feel what’s … Continue reading

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Engineers Have Developed a Robot That Can Sweat

Robots are getting more human-like every day, which is scary if you’re really concerned about some Matrix or Terminator stuff happening. But if you’re actually looking forward to robots “living” among us in the future, then this is a good … Continue reading

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100% Efficient Electrical Devices Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

A superconductor transfers electrons from one atom to another without any form of resistance. In other words, no energy is lost during the energy transfer process. As of now, superconductors are merely hypothetical. But if scientists did manage to build … Continue reading

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Using Genetically Modified Maggots to Heal Humans

Perhaps not for the squeamish, maggot debridement therapy (MDT) is a process in which fly larvae, maggots, are applied to non-healing wounds to help promote healing. The maggots eat dead tissue and secrete anti-microbial factors. This process is especially useful … Continue reading

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