France’s New President Brings Progressive Changes

A photo of French President Emmanuel Macron.

France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron.
Photo credit: Frederic Legrand – COMEO / Shutterstock

As the newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron entered his first weeks in office, the world watched to see who he would announce as his cabinet members.

On Wednesday, President Macron ended the waiting. As he had promised, half the positions were filled by women. As a result, his cabinet will have the greatest representation of women in the history of any major country. This is quite a landmark achievement and a stark contrast to the composition of the U.S.’s current cabinet.

Along with his efforts to support equal gender representation, President Macron is also interested in supporting science and scientific research. To do so, he has announced an open invitation to American scientists and researchers to let them know they would be welcomed in France.

He is also very supportive of efforts to control human impact on climate change and has invited climate change researchers to move to France and continue their research and innovation there. This is part of his appeal to his own researchers to express his belief in their work and to reaffirm that those budgets will remain intact. His hope is to increase advances in climate change technology on French soil.

Despite a 62% approval rating, Macron still has several hurdles in front of him before he can achieve the stability and centrist/progressive agenda he is trying to bring to France. He must prove to the French people that he will be able to dramatically improve the country’s myriad social and economic problems–especially regarding immigration. National security is of key concern among French citizens as a result of the terrorist attacks they and other European countries have suffered.

Edouard Philippe, Macron’s selection for Prime Minister is also a getting positive response from the French with a 55% approval rating. But to secure a path to achieving his goals, Macron must get support in the General Assembly, which will be determined in elections in June. Europe and the world will be watching.

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