Witness Breaks 36-Year Silence on Famous UFO Incident

An image of an alien spacecraft.

Image credit: Shutterstock

They call it “Britain’s Roswell” since it is the most famous UFO sighting in the U.K. Now, 36 years later, a witness has come forth about what he saw on that night.

“I think it was something not from this world,” said Steve Longero, a retired U.S. Air Force police officer.

It all started in Suffolk, December 1980. Two air traffic controllers working at the Royal Air Force base Brentwaters said they saw strange, unidentified targets on their radar between the nights of December 26 through December 28.

On the first night, security officers reported seeing a triangular aircraft land in the nearby Rendlesham Forest. Two nights later, members of the United States Air Force who were stationed at Brentwaters claimed that they saw glowing lights moving throughout the forest.

At the time, Steve Longero never said a word about it to the press—his superiors specifically told him not to. But after 36 years, he’s finally speaking out about what really happened that night.

“While on duty that night, we had a very sophisticated alarm system and everything just went off,” Longero said. “And then I could see these lights over the treetops, and I was thinking, ‘what’s going on?’ Then they started sending people out there and at first it was hard to believe, all these bright lights. It was hard to take in.”

Longero claims some of his fellow officers also witnessed the event, but many of them still haven’t come forward. Maybe it’s out of fear, maybe it’s out of honoring the code of silence, but whatever the reason, Longero says what he saw was definitely other-worldly.

“They looked like fluorescent colored lights, like red and green, glowing lights and that’s what they looked like. I could see them hovering over the treetops like an eye that was almost following everybody.”

It’s interesting to note that this event occurred during the Cold War. Brentwaters base had several nuclear warheads buried beneath the ground. Some theorize that the UFOs came to prevent world destruction.

What do you make of this breaking story? Is the government trying to cover up the existence of UFOs? Or is Longero simply full of crap? I want to hear your thoughts!

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