Digital India and Technology Startups Grow India’s Economy

A hand touches a bright tablet screen.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Digital India program in 2015. Its goal is to improve Internet connectivity for all citizens. The initiative includes three parts: the creation of digital infrastructure, delivering services digitally, and digital literacy. Digital India has also won the enthusiastic support of Silicon Valley.

India has long been a focus for thoughtful investors seeking a robust market and a large consumer base. Bill Ford, General Atlantic is one of those experienced leaders in the financial industry. As General Atlantic’s Chief Executive Officer, he has always paid close attention to India’s economy and partnerships between Indian entrepreneurs and technology companies in other countries.

Digital India has increased global interest in the technology industry. Facebook has promised to work on WiFi hotspots in rural India. Google will provide broadband connectivity to 500 railway stations. Microsoft promised to provide cloud services and broadband to 5,000 villages.

In March, India’s economy grew, with improvements in agriculture and increases in consumer spending. A recent government recommendation supporting pay hikes for government workers will continue consumer growth.

This support is expressed in the optimistic Indian startup community. Here are five Indian technology startups making use of India’s robust economy and benefiting from improved digital infrastructure.


This fitness startup connects trainers and nutritionists to users of this weight loss app. It syncs with popular wearables like Fitbit and is also supported by a number of corporate wellness programs.


Childrens’ entertainment is wide open for startups that provide quality content. This portal presents engaging art, education, games, music, and videos and is available on mobile and web platforms.


Improved online service throughout India creates a demand for cloud computing services like those provided by Knowlarity. It provides an array of sophisticated tools for the enterprise level community.


Getting food to hungry customers is a complicated endeavor. Locus is a tech startup providing food companies with couriers and ecommerce support. Their platform simplifies fulfillment and includes geocoding and dispatching.


After a period of realignment within the food delivery sector, Swiggy is still a leader. They have increased their funding and continue to expand and show promise in a competitive market.

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