Possible Wreckage from MH 370 Found

A piece of debris in the water.

Image: A piece of potential wreckage of Flight MH 370 | CNN

Some debris has been found on a beach in South Africa that officials believe could have come from the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared without a single trace in March of 2014. Two years have since passed with barely any news of the plane’s location or an idea of what happened to it. What evidence exists include confirmed pieces of the plane that were found in Mozambique.

Now, a piece of what looks like a Rolls Royce engine has been discovered on a beach in South Africa. Malaysian authorities are sending a team to examine and retrieve the debris to see if it is in fact part of the missing plane. The debris was initially discovered by Neels Kruger, a South African archaeologist, as he walked by a lagoon in Western Cape province on the south coast of the country. He came across a piece of material about two and a half feet long which bore a Rolls Royce logo.

“When I flipped it around, I didn’t know immediately what it was but just thought, ‘Oh my word!’” Kruger said.

If the pieces are found to be from the missing plane, it could provide a clue to what happened to the flight and offer answers for what’s become the most haunting flight mystery since Amelia Earhart.

Flight MH 370 disappeared in 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board. Nobody knows anything about what happened to the flight and the worst has long been assumed of the souls on board. The investigation is ongoing, but no major leads have yet been uncovered, and many families remain without concrete answers.

It is likely that if the plane’s black box is discovered, investigators would still be able to get information from it, even if the box has been under water for such a long time. But because two large typhoons have passed through the area where MH 370 may have gone down, it’s difficult to say with certainty what happened, especially now that the debris has been dispersed to several shores.

More debris is likely to wash up around Asia and Africa in the coming months. Hopefully those pieces will help us put together an accurate picture of what happened to the families of the missing can finally have closure.

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