Man Throws Alligator Through Drive-Up Window

A large alligator on a white background.

Image: Shutterstock

A Florida man was arrested this week after he was accused of tossing a 3.5 foot alligator into the drive-through window of a Wendy’s restaurant. Joshua James, 24, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill for throwing an alligator through the window in October 2015. He is also charged with illegal possession of an alligator and petty theft. James’ bail is set at $6,000, and he has been ordered not to have any contact with animals.

South Florida wildlife officer Nicholas Guerin reported that James drove a truck up to the window after 1 in the morning on October 11th. After a Wendy’s employee handed James a drink, James threw the reptile through the window and drove off. No injuries were sustained, and the alligator was captured and released.

James has admitted to throwing the alligator, which he claims to have found on the side of the road and picked up. The reptile is suspected to weigh between 20 and 30 pounds—so while it is not the largest of its kind, a person could certainly have been knocked over if the alligator had hit them. The bite of a small alligator is like that of a dog—some damage is possible, but a bite would not be life-threatening.

“He does stuff like this because he thinks it’s funny,” said James’ mother, Linda. She believes he meant no one any harm and said that he had no problem turning himself over to police. James was charged in October, but he was not arrested until this week.

“Just a stupid prank that he did that’s now turning into this. Stupid,” Linda James added.

James was also told that while he can interact with his mother’s dog, he is to limit contact with it. He is also to undergo a mental health evaluation and he is not allowed to possess any weapons.

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