Mexico City Is a Hot Spot for Innovation, Investors, and Startups

An aerial view of Mexico City.

Image: Mexico City | Shutterstock

Mexico City is a growing business center for Mexico, Central America, and Latin America. It’s home to companies, entrepreneurs, and families that energize economic development and business growth. There are many opportunities in this region for investors, and over the last few years investment and banking firms have begun to locate offices there.

Earlier this year General Atlantic, a growth equity firm, opened an office in Mexico City. Martìn Escobari, Managing Director of General Atlantic’s Sao Paulo office, is one of the many experienced professionals advising staff and clients in this new office.

Actis, a fund with a focus on energy, opened an office in Mexico earlier this year as well. Last year they launched a wind power company in Mexico. Their fund has invested $1.2 billion in Latin America to date.

Woodbridge International, a major mergers and acquisitions firm, opened an office in Monterrey, Mexico last year. With expert resources in commercial and investment banking, they will expand their financing and equity investment services.

These developments are clear evidence that Mexico City is a growing player in the regional and global economy. The Mexican government is supportive and provides angel investments to some new business ventures. It is also teaching investors the importance of connecting with startups while they’re still in the development stage.

Here are several more notable Mexico City startups worth investigating:

Balam provides affordable marketing and sales support for business customers interested in improving their analytics, customer reach, and conversions. Their technology works with Facebook, Google, and other platforms.

Captalog supports businesses that use catalogs as a sales and promotional tools.  Their service simplifies the transition from print to digital formats and delivers customers browsable content on mobile devices and smartphones.

CoinBatch uses bitcoin currency and infrastructure to make the money transfer services in Mexico more affordable. Its low prices attract local consumers and compete with established regional companies.

Rubberit is a subscription service that seeks to do social good and reduce unwanted pregnancies and the rise of STDs. They promise to deliver a dependable supply of well-made condoms to subscribers’ homes.

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