Justin Bieber’s Nude Photos Leaked

The father of one of America’s biggest pop stars has gone to social media to say he is proud of his son’s leaked nudes on the internet. Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy called himself a “proud daddy” in a tweet and asked, “what do you feed that thing?” Justin Bieber has not shown any acknowledgement of the photos, which were published in the New York Daily News earlier this week from his Bora Bora vacation.

Justin was spotted in the nude while on vacation with his rumored girlfriend model Jayde Pierce. On Thursday this week, the singer’s legal representative filed a cease and desist letter to the newspaper, which demanded removal of the images within 12 hours yet the images are still up on the website.

“We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our Client including images showing him without clothing,” the letter reads, therefore confirming the photos are of Bieber and were Photoshopped to look like him, as some have suggested. The outlet posted several images of Bieber in various states of undress on this hotel balcony.

The internet blew up with memes with reference to how well endowed the star is and many complimenting the star. There was an ongoing cheeky response on Twitter following the release of the photos, namely with contibutions to the “WhatDoYouPeen” hashtag. Some see it as very invasive for the paparazzi to be snapping nudes of the 21-year-old while on vacation. An insider shared opinion with HollywoodLife.com, “It’s violating and creepy to know that someone was shooting him in such a private moment. Justin isn’t embarrassed by those pictures but he’s angry. The whole trip was arranged to give him privacy and they still managed to stalk him, it’s not a good feeling.”

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