Jeb Bush Announces White House Bid

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush recently put in his official bid for White House candidacy. | Image: via

Jeb Bush has formally declared a White House candidacy earlier this week and is vowing to wage war on Washington’s political culture. He is a son and brother of presidents and is insisting that his family name gave him no unique claim to the oval office. His candidacy comes after a week-long European tour and months of intensive behind-the-scenes political maneuvering that erased long-standing doubts on his White House ambitions.

Bush is entering a crowded field of candidates, becoming the 11th GOP contender to jump in the race. The most threatening competitor in his home state of Florida is Sen. Marco Rubio as the two compete for money in the Sunshine State and support from high-profile figures here. Not calling out Marco Rubio directly, Bush emphasized in his speech that voters should support a candidate with executive experience in 2016.

“There’s no passing off responsibility when you’re a governor, no blending into the legislative crowd or filing an amendment and calling that success,” Mr. Bush said. “As our whole nation has learned since 2008, executive experience is another term for preparation, and there is no substitute for that.”

It’s very clear that Bush’s campaign sees his famous family can be both a blessing and a curse. Jeb Bush’s mother matriarch Barbara Bush, the former first lady and already mother of one former president, was looking on along with a slew of other siblings. However, Bush is not entering the race as a clear front-runner. In a national CNN/ORC poll earlier this month it found that he virtually tied at the top with Marco Rubio.

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