Wall Street Legend Jimmy Lee Dies at 62

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Jimmy Lee was widely considered to be one of the most influential investment bankers on Wall Street. His death marks the end of an era. Image: Anthony Wong via Flickr CC.

On Monday, some of the biggest names in business continued to mourn the loss of their dear friend, mentor, and colleague, Jimmy Lee at a funeral service held for the late investment banker at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. News of the untimely death of the Wall Street legend arrived earlier this month, and since then there has been a significant outpouring of kind words from colleagues and competitors alike.

Jimmy Lee was revered by Wall Street heavyweights, and was even widely considered the “greatest investment banker of our time.” At the time of his death, he was the vice chairman at JP Morgan Chase. Prominent hedge fund manager Dan Loeb was good friends with Lee, and reflects back on their professional relationship in a recent tribute. Writes Loeb,

“Jimmy loved Wall Street more than anyone I’ve ever known. He wasn’t driven by money or deals but by his passion for people. There was no more loyal friend to be had on Wall Street, nor anyone whose wise counsel I valued more.”

Loeb’s sentiment is one that many on Wall Street share. At the funeral service on Monday, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon euologized, “You were a nuclear power. […] You had unbridled enthusiasm and optimism that poured onto us. I loved your honesty and openness. I loved that you unconditionally cherished people from titans of industry to underprivileged kids. Most of all I loved how you loved your family.”

According to Fortune, the service for Jimmy Lee was “Wall Street’s version of a state funeral.” In attendance were 46 honorary ushers that featured prominent names in business and politics including former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, Marissa Mayer, Dan Loeb, Rupert Murdoch, Charlie Rose, Sheryl Sandberg, David Rubenstein, and many others.

Many business journalists and Wall Street insiders are calling Lee’s death “the end of an era.”

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