Is What You Eat for Dinner Messing with Your Beauty Sleep?

Health professionals go back and forth and debate the benefits of different types of foods and the best times to exercise but there is one thing they all agree on: sleeping is super important for your health. It’s tied to many health benefits like clarity of thoughts, quicker reflexes and an improved mood.

That means that if you can’t get enough shut-eye there are some real consequences including growth issues, an appetite that is out of whack, not to mention it can mess with your immune system. What you eat before bed can really affect your sleep quality, so before you go to bed there are some foods below that will help you get an excellent night of sleep.

Tryptophan is magic, the amino acid is found in all types of food including turkey. Research shows that foods with tryptophan produce serotonin which helps promote sleep. Adding some whole grains like breads, crackers, pastas with a protein like turkey, eggs or even low fat dairy is a great way to consume tryptophan.

Cherries also contain a lot of melatonin naturally and as most of us know this hormone in your body is often recommended as a sleep aid. Also try magnesium. This can be found in dark leafy greens and avocado and may just be what you need to ease into dreamland.

Skip the late night cup of Joe, although this isn’t a shocker for most it bears a repeat. Of course we should all avoid caffeine-containing foods or beverages and keep caffeine intake to 200 to 300 mg per day and avoid it close to bedtime.

Also, you should ease up on the alcohol. A glass or two of wine may make you feel sleepy but drinking before bed can disturb sleep in healthy people. Cut back on those nightcaps.

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