NAR and DocuSign Further Strategic Partnership

National Association of RealtorsOn April 13th, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and DocuSign furthered their strategic partnership by announcing that DocuSign Professional will now be available to 3,000 International NAR realtors at a discounted rate. This announcement will make the job of NAR real estate professionals much easier, while at the same time providing a high level of security for the documents of their clients.

DocuSign Professional will enable real estate professionals to “securely prepare, execute, and manage an unlimited amount of custom-branded documents digitally.” Once in the hands of DocuSign Professional, the documents can be accessed at any time, anywhere, and on any device.

DocuSign’s CEO Keith Krach’s business knowledge and tenacity can be credited for DocuSign’s success. DocuSign has become known as the global standard for digital transaction management, something that will almost certainly grow in popularity and ubiquity in the years to come.

“As the exclusive eSignature solution for the NAR, DocuSign’s platform has been helping NAR members in the United States accelerate business for years,” said NAR’s Director of Global Alliances Jeff Hornberger. “We are thrilled to extend this exclusive offer internationally so Realtors and their clients can benefit from the same ease-of-use, mobility, and security of DocuSign Professional from around the world.”

“The NAR is an early and very strategic partner to DocuSign,” said DocuSign’s Chief Strategy Officer Tom Gonser. “We are thrilled to bring the power of DocuSign to Realtors and brokerages around the world to modernize the home buying and selling process.”

Here’s how DocuSign works:

  • Users prepare for transactions by setting the order in which items are to be completed and roles are associated with each step of the documentation process.
  • Transactions are completed on enterprise level security and advanced authentication methods are used to validate a signer’s identity. As a result, the eSignatures of DocuSign are considered as more legally enforceable than pen and paper.
  • Complete information is captured and retained and by DocuSign for ease of reporting and proof of compliance.

What do you think about DocuSign’s partnership with NAR? Would having DocuSign available make you more likely to purchase real estate?

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