CitiusTech Launches Big Data


CitiusTech Inc., which focuses on healthcare technology, has just launched a new Big Data practice that will inform the new technology it develops going forward. In addition, they’ve announced the launch of H-Scale, a portfolio of healthcare accelerators for Hadoop. These new technologies will help with data encryption and privacy as well as providing more in-depth analytics.

CitiusTech, whose board includes Cory Eaves and Rizwan Koita, has a long history of working with technology to provide accurate analysis and organization of medical information.

Big Data, or massive amounts of data to be interpreted with analytics, has been around for awhile in a variety of other fields, but it’s a fairly new concept for healthcare. Not only can Big Data provide useful information about individual patients; it can also give healthcare professionals ideas about health trends, such as outbreaks of diseases or ways to treat early signs of an illness before it progresses too far.

CitiusTechOf course, as its name implies, Big Data can be hugely complex to navigate effectively. That’s where CitiusTech comes in. The technology they are developing helps organize and analyze Big Data that could catapult the healthcare industry forward.

“With enormous amounts of data at our disposal today, we have a great opportunity to use powerful analytics tools to derive rich insights that can make a significant impact [on] the cost and quality of care,” said Rizwan Koita, Chief Executive Officer at CitiusTech. “With H-Scale, healthcare organizations can fast forward their Big Data roadmap and develop bespoke Big Data solutions for supporting the rapidly evolving healthcare industry landscape.”

CitiusTech’s H-Scale will allow healthcare providers more opportunities to personalize their Big Data to treat patients more effectively while maintaining data security and managing users. Because Big Data can come from a variety of sources these days—biometric devices, mobile apps, social media, in-office testing—it can be difficult to consolidate and sift through the data enough to come to useful conclusions. H-Scale and CitiusTech’s new Big Data practices will streamline that process and help doctors and other medical professionals provide the best care.

Images: via Facebook.

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