Eater to Launch Drinks Section


Foodies everywhere can get excited about Eater’s newfound focus on beverages. Image: courtesy of, via Flickr CC.

If you’re a foodie, or someone who works in the hospitality industry, chances are you’re familiar with Eater. As a website that is dedicated to dining culture, Eater is “the source for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation’s most important food cities,” and has been reporting on restaurants, chefs, and shining stars of the hospitality industry for nearly ten years.

Earlier this year, Eater announced that it would soon be expanding to include a full beverage section, which is music to the ears of bartenders and lovers of craft libations nationwide. According to Poynter contributor Benjamin Mullin, “The new section, Eater Drinks, will debut on Eater’s main site in march and feature coverage of beer, wine, spirits and juices.”

In December 2014, Eater’s parent company Vox Media announced a strategic partnership with leading investment company General Atlantic, so the growth of its assets comes as little surprise to those familiar with the deal. According to a press release, “Supported by General Atlantic, Vox Media will focus on a number of strategic initiatives to continue to grow and enhance each of its seven media brands.”eater

Anton Levy, Managing Director of General Atlantic said, “We believe Vox Media represents one of the most attractive opportunities for capitalizing on a clear and important secular trend that is still in its early innings: the generational shift in news, entertainment, and content distribution and consumption driven by global connectivity and increasing smartphone penetration,” of how Vox and its many brands, such as Eater and Curbed, represent the kind of websites that consumers are drawn to.

According to Vox Media, “2014 was a big year for Eater – actually the biggest year in our nine-year history,” citing the re-launch of the site on Chorus, its new design, and new map format as reasons for its successful evolution. The media company’s partnership with General Atlantic also suggests that the future is bright for Vox, which will be able to focus on further improving sites like Eater.

Dedicated readers of Eater can look forward to even more features on the horizon. According to Vox, “We have some aggressive plans for […] 2015, including launching new series, partnering with YouTube personalities, and leaning on the strength of our staff of experts. […] And booze, lots and lots of booze (coverage).”

I for one can’t wait to see what Eater cooks up next.

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