Netflix Drops Season 3 of House of Cards (Spoiler Alerts!)

House of Cards

House of Cards season 3 was released in full on Netflix on February 27. Image: via Instagram.

You’ve seen it all over social media and heard from all your friends about how Netflix has released all 13 episodes of the third season of House of Cards. If you have somehow remained blissfully ignorant of this show that Rolling Stone calls a “diabolical, addictive political series that helped pioneer the streaming revolution,” I salute you. (And highly encourage you to start watching season 1!).

We left last season with Doug Stamper alone on the ground, one eye twitch away from death on the dark forest floor. Rachel, a call girl he had hired to coax congressman Peter Russo out of sobriety had dispatched him with a brick and left him for dead. But in the first episode we see the hard and painful recovery of Stamper. He learns to walk again, to talk again and gain backs most functionality in a few months.

Meanwhile, Frank Underwood is president of the United States. He sends flowers and gifts to the man who helped him get there, but never comes to see Stamper himself. The first few episodes flash back and forth between the struggles of these two, Stamper loyal to a fault and ready to get back to work. However, we see a change in the fourth episode, when Underwood has left Stamper how to die and Stamper finds the Republican candidate to seek a job.

Although I’ve only reached the fourth episode, this season is bound to be an intense one. Stamper is now on the hunt for Rachel and is seeking blood. Underwood has to deal with Dunbar running for president, international tensions and scandal. There are pulled press credentials, reuniting of Remy and Jackie and death. I won’t spoil to much but it is NOT a season to miss. I’ll be sure to keep posting recaps as I get further along in this riveting season.

If you’ve already made it through the entirety of season 3, check out this great article from RS as a way to debrief.

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