Here’s What’s Coming to Netflix this Month

netflixEvery month, Nexflix goes though a mini-makeover–but there are some biggies coming to the site this month that everyone is pumped on, including EVERY season of Friends. Since it’s now officially winter and everyone is curled up in bed binge-watching, it’s time you know what your new options are. If you don’t want to rely on just Friends, below are some other great options this month.

101 Dalmatians. Who doesn’t want to watch those puppies over and over again?

Bad Boys II. Will Smith is back in Miami, plus Gabrielle Union…

Batman + Robin. Although this film is considered by many to be the “reject” Batman film, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy gives it a little more oomph.

Bruce Almighty. Jim Carey is always a good thing. In Bruce we trust.

Cast Away. This adventure drama is back from 2000, with Tom Hanks stranded on an island. The film was a huge success and got Hanks nominated for Best Actor in the Academy Awards.

Dallas Season 3. The series was a revival of the sop opera Dallas that ended in 1991. The Ewings are a wealthy oil and cattle family in Dallas where beautiful people do horrible things.

Get Low. This movie has Robert Duvall and Bill Murray and happens to be about a funeral party for the living.

Election. Because nothing Reese Witherspoon does is wrong.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Johnny Depp stars in this film… enough said.

Mean Girls. Because we only where pink on Wednesdays, and no, you can’t sit with us.

Shall we Dance? Nothing screams rom-com more than Richard Gere and JLo.

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