The Biggest Food Trends for 2015

ramen is back in 2015

Food critics and gourmands alike can appreciate the serious comeback ramen is already making in 2015. / Image: Jpellgen via Flick CC.

2014 was a huge year for food, and foodies everywhere embraced the influx of decadent new coffee and avocados. But this coming year is going to be even better. Here’s why:

Ramen is making a comeback. Not the kind that you heat up from a package on your stove either. No, the kind that makes you drool over savory broth and pork belly. These specialty noodle shops are taking off all over the country. Major cities like Portland, Los Angeles and NYC have been long in on the trend but it’s picking up steam elsewhere.

Everything this year will be smoked. Foodies have begun to fire up their cheeses, butter and even (surprisingly) cocktails to get that dark roasted flavor in their meals. And smoky is an unexpectedly delicious taste to add to a lot of foods.

Coconut oil will be the new olive oil this year as a cooking essential. Kitchens this year will be taken over with oils extracted from avocados, pumpkin seeds and the long-loved coconut. Coconut oil will add a sweet flavor to your dishes, which makes it great for baking and sautéing.

Sour is the new sweet. Fermented and pickled foods have become increasingly popular with some of the best chefs. Look out for new tart condiments in stores, or try hitting up your international grocery store if you feel daring.

Cross hybrid veggies will be huge. Interestingly enough, grocery aisles all over will be welcoming new vegetables this year. Think kalette, a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, or fruit blends like the pluot, a mix of a plum and apricot. Some of these have been already gaining popularity, but crossbred veggies will more frequently be making their way into our salads soon.

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