Kim Kardashian Bares Assets to ‘Break the Internet’

kim kardashian paper magazine cover

Paper magazine released two cover photos Tuesday this week with Kim Kardashian and her famous behind front and center for its winter issue. One image has the reality TV star with her bare derrière on full, heavily oiled-up display. In the other, the star is clad in a black dress and recreating French photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s iconic “Champagne Incident” image.

kim kardashian paper magazine cover

This cover is the recreation of Jean-Paul Goude’s iconic “Champagne Incident” photograph.

When asked why they used Kim Kardashian, Paper had a very specific goal in mind. “For our winter issue, we gave ourselves one assignment: Break The Internet” the magazine said. “There is no other person that we can think of who is up to the task than one Kim Kardashian West. A pop culture fascination able to generate headlines just by leaving her house, Kim is what makes the web tick.”

It’s definitely getting some reactions, such as the one from Kim’s husband Kanye West. West simply posted the picture on Twitter with the hashtag #ALLDAY, a post that was similar to his reaction to Kim’s infamous bathing suit selfie in which he said, “HEADING HOME NOW.” Another reaction came from Kardashian look-alike Naya Rivera who reminded the star that she is a mother. Lorde did the same but in a simpler manner by retweeting Kim’s post and adding “mom” to it.

The star herself even had a message to send. “And they say I didn’t have a talent…try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL #BreakTheInternet #PaperMagazine,” she tweeted. Kim Kardashian has no problem showing off her famous assets, which made her a perfect model for the recreation of the ‘Champagne Incident” shot.

The star might just actually break the Internet as the story has been talked about on every major publication already in just 24 hours.

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