Petraeus Talks ISIS, Military Tactics with Patricia Sheridan Over Breakfast

patricia sheridan's breakfast with...Journalist Patricia Sheridan hosts a popular podcast called “Patricia Sheridan’s Breakfast With…,” a weekly conversation with “the people behind the headlines.” The podcast airs each week and is transcribed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Sheridan talks with actors, writers, politicians, athletes, and everyone in between. Actors Cary Elwes, Morgan Fairchild, and Michael Chernus have been interviewed by Sheridan recently, as have TV host Elisabeth Hasselbeck and marine biologist Sylvia Earle.

In her most recent breakfast interview, Sheridan hosted Gen. David Petraeus, chairman of KKR’s Global Institute and former Director of the CIA. The two of them discussed ISIS, foreign affairs, and an upcoming lecture presented by the American Middle East Institute, which Petraeus will be guest speaking at.

“I think you pursue various courses in life because you admire others who have done that,” explained Petraeus after being asked what initially attracted him to military life. Petraeus mentions his soccer coach, Sunday school teacher, and others West Point teachers who had military connections and inspired him growing up. “I developed a love and admiration for a number of these folks and decided I wanted to be like them,” he said.

Sheridan asked Petraeus questions about ISIS and ongoing Middle Eastern conflict that many Americans have been curious about. After asking about what happened to the trained Iraqi security forces, Petraeus explained, “You can trace the collapse in the north in particular to the fact that the population in which they were serving – Sunni Arabs – was alienated over the past 2½ years by a variety of actions taken by the Iraqi government,” of the shift in population.

“Competent Iraqi leaders,” continues Petraeus, “many of whom I still email and with whom we fought in Iraq, were replaced over time by sectarian loyalists who proved to be largely incompetent,” of another factor that allowed for greater conflict. “Worst of all, the chain of command for these forces was disrupted enormously by the insertion of the so-called office of the commander-in-chief into very tactical measures.”

For more insights on combat and the current state of ISIS, read the full podcast transcript by visiting Patricia Sheridan’s Breakfast With… Gen. David Petraeus.

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