Kim Kardashian App Projected to Earn $200m in First Year

Kim Kardashian Game

Kim Kardashian Game

Did you know that Kim Kardashian has a game app? And perhaps more surprisingly, that it’s been incredibly popular since its release? Glu Mobile released the game in late June and by the end of July, it was the ninth most popular free download on the Apple App store.

The game is based around creating your own personalized avatar that visits Hollywood hotspots to meet, flirt, date or just network with other players as you try to become an “A-list” model or actor. Only if you climb high enough on the social ladder do you get to hang out with reality star and fashion entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian.

The game is set to gross $200 million by next summer, which would make it one of the top mobile app games ever. Who knew that hanging out with virtual Kim Kardashian would be so appealing to so many people?

“In Hollywood, when they are losing the predictability of things like the DVD business, there’s an unparalleled opportunity to get into the gaming business,” said Niccolo de Masi, who is chief executive of Glu Games Inc.

The age range for the game is surprisingly extensive. Payal Shah, a 24-year old entrepreneur that provides jewelry for celebrities says, “It’s almost like living a parallel life … it’s a fun escape after a challenging day. The fancy clothes, the stunning villas and apartments, the clubbing and socializing are just a few keystrokes away.”

The world seems to be as obsessed with this game as it is with the Kardashian family itself. And with still more updates set to release, including new locations for the game, it seems like the app will keep looking up for quite some time.

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