Hampton Creek is Changing the World, One Healthy Meal at a Time

Hampton Creek

IMG: via Hampton Creek

Hampton Creek is on a mission to save the world with food, one healthy meal at a time. The San Francisco startup company produces healthier and more affordable alternatives to food products, using all-natural, organic products full of flavor and dimension.

CEO Josh Tetrick wants healthy and sustainable food to be available for everyone. He founded Hampton Creek in 2011 after working in Sub-Saharan Africa for seven years with the United Nations and the President of Liberia. Hampton Creek is partners with Global Viral, an organization fighting the world’s most dangerous infectious diseases, and The Humane Society of the United States.

Tetrick and Hampton Creek are working hard to change the way things are made. They currently have two products, “Just Mayo,” a mayonnaise alternative made of all-natural ingredients, and “Just Cookies,” a dairy-free yet natural alternative to one of the world’s greatest sweet treats. Just Mayo is currently being used in chicken salads at select Whole Foods and Just Cookies have been featured in Oprah Winfrey’s “O Magazine.”

Despite these health food innovations, Hampton Creek’s biggest venture is yet to come. The company is currently working on a plant-based egg that will not only be a healthier alternative to a real egg, but a cheaper one. Tetrick says Hampton Creek’s egg alternative will cost 48% less than the real thing, making this healthy protein alternative more accessible to all. He even has a team of scientists working on finding the correct molecular structure that will make up his egg.

Strange-sounding or not, people are buying in to this idea. In 2013 Hampton Creek received the “Best of What’s New 2013 Grand Award” from Popular Science for the plant-based egg. Earlier this year, Hampton Creek received $23 million in funding from Asian billionaire Li Ka-Shing. The startup has received a total of $29.2 million in funding, with investors including Bill Gates, Peter Thiel and Yahoo founder Jerry Yang.

It’s just the beginning, but if Tetrick has his way, Hampton Creek will be changing the agricultural industry for good.

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