Paris Hilton and Hannah Ferguson Star in New Carl’s Jr. ad

CKE Restaurants and Don Flood

CKE Restaurants and Don Flood

After nine years in her first Carl’s Jr. ad, the infamous Paris Hilton returns in a new spot starring Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson. In a clip titled “I Love Texas” released last Friday, Ferguson washes down a filthy truck in a rustic barn.

The Texas native is wearing a tiny black bikini that doesn’t cover much. She then bites into a juicy Texas BBQ Thickburger while rolling around on the car soaking wet. The spot has been getting hits from news sources across the board and has already been banned from several networks.

As Ferguson begins digging into the burger throughout the spot, eventually one her the jalapeno straws in her burger drops and none other than Paris Hilton arrives to come in and clean up. As she makes her way to Hannah, she sassily utters, “You missed a spot”.

Paris’ first spot with the fast food chain aired back in 2005 during the Super Bowl. The new spot shows the celebrity in a similar black bikini to her first spot, a flashback to when the Carl’s Jr. girl ads began.

Other women that have starred in the commercials for Carl’s Jr. include Kate Upton, Katherine Webb, Jenny McCarthy, Nina Agdal, Kim Kardashian and Padma Lakshmi.

The ads have been accused of being too provocative and sex-centric. Back when the original Paris spot was released, it attracted the disgust of the Parents Television Council.

“The Paris Hilton/Carl’s Jr. commercial is nothing but a sleazy attempt on Carl’s Jr. part to make money selling burgers with pornography,” the group wrote in a position statement.

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