NOM Encourages People to “Void Chase” After Employee Survey On LGBT Issues Surfaces

Void Chase Campaign

Void Chase Campaign

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is boycotting another company – JP Morgan Chase. Their “Void Chase” petition has over 5,000 signatures so far, and is “urging people across the globe to ‘Void Chase’, boycotting the mega-bank because of its highly invasive and inappropriate internal survey that asked employees if they were “allies of the LGBT community.”

NOM President Brian Brown dissed the company in a blog post saying that Chase was, “clearly pushing an LGBT agenda” with the online questionnaire. This apparently creates and intimidating and threating atmosphere.

“We are demanding that the bank issue a formal apology for their offensive conduct and

pledge never again to invade the privacy of their employees by attempting to learn their private views about LGBT issues, and — until they do so — pledge to take your banking business elsewhere,” officials write on the “Void Chase” website. “Chase has refused to answer for this survey, or to apologize and reassure its employees and customers. This is a major violation of trust, the central value in any banking relationship.”

The website shows a screenshot of the question, as well as arguments against JP Morgan chase supporters that the survey was optional and anonymous.

“While Chase has claimed the survey was anonymous, we have proof that employees were required to log in with their unique ID number to take the survey, so the answers to the questions were tied to each employee’s identity,” said Joseph Grabowski, director of communications at NOM told the Christian Post.

A couple of years ago, the traditional marriage group launched the “Dump Starbucks” campaign after the company advocated for same-sex marriage legalization.

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