Amazon Testing Out a “Netflix for Books” Service

Have you ever wanted a service that was kind of like Netflix but for books? While a couple different companies, Oyster and Scribd, have been trying this out – but it looks like Amazon might take the cake.

Amazon briefly put up a new page on its website for unlimited e-book and audiobook subscriptions called “Kindle Unlimited”, but it has since been removed.

This signup page was mentioned by several people on Twitter on Wednesday. According to a screenshot of that page, Amazon plans to offer users unlimited access to 600,000 digital books for just $9.99 a month.

The question is – will users only be able to use this service on their Kindle, or will iPad and Nook users be able to subscribe as well?

Oyster CEO Eric Stromberg said in a statement that, “We’re not surprised. They have pivoted from transactional to subscription-based in other media, and have had limited success. They really paved the way in ebooks, and it’s exciting to see them embrace the market we created as the future of books.”

Amazon’s pricing is comparable to Oyster and Scribd, which charge $9.95 a month and $8.99 a month, respectively.

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s new service? Hopefully it will be rolled out soon!

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