Stars Write School Reports for Charity

Seventeen stars are filling in school report forms about their younger selves, which will later be auctioned off online for the education charity, Cecily’s Fund. In the reports, each celebrity recalled the real reports they received as schoolchildren and recreated them for this special auction. The reports are currently for sale on until July 4th. Idris Elba, Peter Capaldi, Natascha McElhone, Hugh Bonneville and Bill Nighy are among the stars that have written their own school reports as part of a charity fundraising drive.

One example of what buyers of the report cards can expect is Prometheus star Elba’s report, where he awards himself an A- grade and adds of his 15-year-old self, “Idris is a natural leader but sometimes he leads the boys (his friends) down the wrong path and they follow him like sheep. If he used his influence to direct his very imaginative plays he would get an A+ instead of an A-. Drama is something he should consider in the future.”

Some more examples include Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville’s report, in which he gives himself a B- for math, writing, “Hugh must learn not to get grumpy when he gets his equations wrong.” Californication actress McElhone accepts a D for religious education, adding, “Natasha resists giving herself over to the idea of believing without proving.”

Other stars who have taken part in the school reports for charity include The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey star James Nesbitt, Ugly Betty star Ashley Jensen, Charles Dance, and Joanna Lumley.

All proceeds from the auction will go to support Cecily’s Fund work enabling orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia to access education.

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