BreakFree Wants Users To Spend Less Time on Their Smartphones

breakfreeFeel like you may be spending too much time on your smartphone? You’re not alone. A recent study by Flurry found that there are 176 million “mobile addicts” around the world – an increase of 123% from last year. Mobile addicts are defined as users who launch apps more than 60 times a day. While however long you use these apps makes a huge difference on how addicted you really are, it gives a general number.

A new Android app called “BreakFree” wants to help users spend less time on their phones. The app tracks the amount of time you spend looking at your phone, and gives you a warning when you should take a break.

BreakFree also keeps track of how long you spend using certain apps, how often you unlock your phone and how long you spend on phone calls. With all of this information, it creates an “addiction score,” and will send out reminders when it thinks you should slow down your usage.

breakfree app

IMG: via BreakFree

“We want to make people realize that human company is better than phone company,” the app’s founder, Mrigaen Kapadia, told Mashable in an interview.

While this may be true, there is certainly nothing wrong with spending an hour on the phone chatting with your family, a long-distance partner or a friend from high school –  you can’t talk to them in person!

To make it easier for users to spend less time on their phone, they can schedule periods of time when they won’t get any notifications and it will auto-reject phones calls.

The app is currently only available for Android devices (you don’t see that very often!) but will be available for iOS soon. BreakFree is free, but costs $1.99 for users who want to get more detailed stats, like how much time they spend on each app.

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