Leaked Photos Hint at a Gmail Makeover

It has been rumored that Google is testing out a redesign of Gmail, and a leaked version shared by Geek.com pretty much confirmed it.

I personally am not a huge fan of the current Gmail layout. Separating out social, promotions and regular email on my phone is nice, but on my computer I prefer to have them all together. I also feel that the design could be little simpler and easier to navigate. Google appears to plan on reducing Gmail’s signature left-side menu, so that it disappears when it’s not in use.

Here’s a peek at how the desktop version of Gmail could look, courtesy of Geek.com (click for a larger version):

New Gmail Redesign LeakIn addition to redesigning the page, it looks like Google is adding some helpful apps. You’ll be able to set reminders to send emails and make to-do lists, Geek.com reports. Also, a new “pin” feature would let you drag and highlight an email at the top of your inbox — a function that would replace the existing “star” feature.

On mobile, the company is supposedly testing a “snooze” button that sets a timer to go back and read certain emails, but it is not clear if this would be available on the web version as well.

Of course, Google may just be testing these redesigns and new features with no set roll-out date. Still, it’s a fun look at the potential future of Gmail. Google has not responded to The Huffington Post or Mashable for comment.

What are your thoughts – do you like this potential redesign?


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