The Most Polluted Cities in America – Does Yours Make the List?

Los Angeles

Los Angeles tops the most polluted cities list for the second year in a row.
IMG: Flickr via Brian Koprowski.

No matter where you live or how much you recycle, people are creating a dangerous mix of harmful contaminants that are slowly destroying our environment every day.

The harmful contaminants are also destroying our air. Depending on where you live in the United States, the air you are breathing may be drastically different than someone a couple of hours away from you.

The American Lung Association produces a State of the Air report every year, which reports on which U.S. cities have the worst air pollution. Most of the major cities in California make the list, along with a few in Texas.

Here are the top 8 U.S. cities with the worst air pollution in 2014:

1. Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles comes out on top with a total population of 18,238,998. This area was also the top polluted area in 2013.

2. Visalia-Porterville-Hanford, CA

This area was also second in 2013, and has a population of 603,341.

3. Bakersfield, CA

This city faced an intense drought following a heat wave in 2006. The area’s population is 856,158.

4. Fresno-Madera, CA

The population of Fresno and Madera is 1,100,113.

5. Sacramento-Roseville, CA

The area has a population of 2,462,722.

6. Houston-The Woodlands, TX

The Houston-Baytown-Huntsville area has a total population of 6,371,677.

7. Modesto-Merced, CA

Modesto and Merced have a combined population of 784,031.

8. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

The combined Dallas-Fort Worth area boasts a population of 7,095,411.

As you can see from the top eight most polluted cities, cities on the west coast (excluding Washington and Oregon) dominate in air pollution. What can we do about this?


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