‘Giving Through Glass’ Puts Google Glass in the Hands of 5 Nonprofits

Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass became available to the general public on Tuesday, April 15th, but for that day only. Before that, Google Glass was only available through a limited beta-testing program. Google has now extended this purchase period for nonprofits. “Giving Through Glass” was launched in October and puts its device in the hands of nonprofit organizations.

Giving Through Glass will select five nonprofits from a pool of applicants to receive the device and a trip to a Google Glass training center to learn how to use it. In addition, they will also give each nonprofit a $25,000 grant.

At $1,500 a piece, Google Glass is not something every nonprofit can afford to buy hundreds of. Sabita Malla, a senior research officer at the World Wildlife Fund posted a video using the device’s Field Notes app. This app allowed her to track and record the movements of rhinos in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park. This is just one example showing how this new technology can benefit nonprofit.

Using a Glassware app called Field Notes, which records images and notes and shares that data via the cloud, Malla narrates a video of her traveling through the park’s terrain to conduct her research.

Google’s move to profile the device as a benefit to the nonprofit community — as well as its decision to take advantage the attention surrounding Earth Day — is a good idea. There has been some negative feedback coming from new users of Google Glass recently.

Some of the organizations who will help decide which organization wins include Charity:Water, Do Something Inc., the WWF, Samasource, GiveDirectly and Google. The deadline for entries is May 20, and winners will be announced around June 17.

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One Response to ‘Giving Through Glass’ Puts Google Glass in the Hands of 5 Nonprofits

  1. I throughly enjoy any blog post about Google Glass. I think wearable technology is the future, if they can find a way to sync people with reasons to need wearable technology. Not every average joe needs Google Glass and that’s why I believe it is important to market companies or nonprofit organizations with urgency to need this product. I have practiced with Google Glass and got to explore its opportunity. With numerous apps and some basic components included in the software, a nonprofit can benefit from it. Easy access to document to organization, stream to the internet and organization apps- Google Glass gives a lot of business opportunity. ‘Giving Through Glass’ is great Corporate Social Responsibility for Google.

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