Jennifer Ruger Joins Council on Foreign Relations

Jennifer Prah Ruger

Jennifer Prah Ruger. IMG: via Yale Law School.

In March, Perelman School of Medicine’s Jennifer Ruger joined the Council on Foreign Relations. A professor focused on global health governance, Ruger says she’s been “doing theoretical and empirical work in global health policy and health equity.”

“We want to develop normative frameworks to guide global health policy such that it will be more equitable, fair, and efficient,” she said. Ruger has been involved with the CFR for several years and says she always learns “an enormous amount” at CFR events.

She also expressed her delight at being asked to join the organization, whose extensive membership list includes the likes of private equity mogul Henry Kravis and economist wife Marie-Josee Kravis (nee Marie-Josee Drouin), CEO of Ruder Finn Kathy Bloomgarden, Harald B. Malmgren of Malmgren-O’Donnell, and about 4,500 others. To become a member, hopefuls must complete an extensive application process, which includes finding nominations and seconding letters from existing CFR members.

“I feel very privileged… it’s an enormous honor to become a member of the CFR because it has tremendous convening powers around major issues in international relations,” she said.

According to CRF Senior Fellow for Global Health, Yanzhong Huang, the Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, nonpartisan organization that “serves three functions: It’s a membership organization, a think tank and a publisher.”

Huang also noted that Ruger is more than qualified for membership within the organization, as “[s]he is a leading scholar in global health and her research on health and social justice informs our debate. In the past, they have invited her to speak three times at the council, and they find her articulate, smart and friendly.”

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