How I Met Your Mother Finally Ends – But Was it a Satisfying Ending?

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The How I Met Your Mother trending meme.

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers, so if you’re not up to date on the How I Met Your Mother conclusion, you might not want to keep reading.

One of the most popular shows on television has finally come to an end – but was it satisfying? Fans seem to be pretty mixed on their reactions, but either way if you’re a fan of the show, you have a strong opinion.

The hour long series finale packed a lot of emotion into one episode. Robin and Barney get divorced (WHAT?), the gang finally say goodbye to the apartment, Robin drifts away from the group because she can’t stand to be around Barney and Ted, Barney reverts back to his old ways, and the mother gets sick and dies. That’s a lot to take in.

How I Met Your Mother Group Premier, HIMYM, HIMYM Opening Credits

How I Met Your Mother Group Premier Photo via CBS.

How I Met Your Mother Finale, HIMYM

How I Met Your Mother Group Finale Photo via CBS.

Many people saw the mother’s death coming, myself included. Some people saw it from the beginning, but it especially became clear on one of the last episodes where Ted and the mother get upset after she says, “What kind of mother doesn’t make it to her own daughters wedding?” While this could mean a number of things; the mother’s mom had died or someone else in the group, most likely Lily, was sick or had died. I chose to believe it was the mother, after all, why would he be telling this story to his kids by himself if she was right there?

Ted and the mother, HIMYM

Ted and “The Mother” AKA Tracy McConnell. Photo via CBS.

I was okay with her dying, I had accepted it. But why didn’t we see their final moment together, her funeral, or Ted mourning over his wife? They glazed over this part way too fast. The whole story was about how he found his soul mate, but turned into a story he was telling his kids to get permission to date Robin. I wasn’t a fan of him ending up with her, but if they had stuck with that, why couldn’t they have spent more time on the mother? They turned her death into a minor part, another hurdle Ted had to jump to finally reach Robin.

What did you think of the ending? I feel like I need to watch it a couple more times to fully decide how I feel about it!

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