Facebook Gets Ride of ‘Facebook Email’ – Because No One Uses It

FacebookRemember Facebook email? Yeah, I didn’t either. On Monday, Facebook revealed that it is getting rid of its email services.

Facebook first introduced its email in 2010, but most people didn’t even know it existed. Anyone with a Facebook account was given an “@facebook.com” email address, which people could supposedly use instead of their Gmail or Yahoo email.

“We’re making this change because most people haven’t been using their Facebook email address,” a Facebook spokesperson told the The Huffington Post. Any emails that were being sent to your Facebook email, will now be forwarded to your regular email address.

Facebook is known for new ideas and buying new apps or programs that are doing really well. When Facebook email was first created, it was seem as the “Gmail Killer,” but that clearly didn’t happen. In November of last year Facebook bought Instagram after it became one of the post popular apps, it tried to buy Snapchat recently, and it just bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. What’s next?

What do you think of the Facebook email shut down, did you actually use it?

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