Marissa Mayer Comments on the Recent Firing of de Castro

Marissa Mayer

IMG: Flickr via Adam Tinworth

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s current CEO, described the recent firing of chief operating officer  Henrique de Castro “regrettable” and “not a fit” during the recent fourth quarter earnings call. 

Mayer said, “Ultimately, Henrique was not a fit” for the company: “It was a conclusion we tried very hard to avoid.” She said currently there are no plans to replace him — instead, she touted the strength of Yahoo’s sales team and said this gives her “the opportunity to be much more involved” on the revenue side of the company.

During the call, an analysts asked for more details, in which Mayer replied, “Out of respect for Henrique, I’d rather not comment on the past and on his performance, but rather on what we’re going to do going forward.” 

Moving forward, Mayer wants to be more involved with Yahoo’s revenue. Yahoo had earlier reported profits that beat expectations of analysts, but shares moved between 3% and 6% lower in afterhours trading.

With the recent departure of Jai Singh as well, people have been concerned about Mayer’s turnaround efforts, although investors have been optimistic. Yahoo stock trades 142% higher than when Mayer first took the top job.

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