Aerie’s “Real” Campaign Releases Photos With Girls of All Sizes; No Photoshop

Aerie "Real" AdIt’s sad when an advertisement has to state that they didn’t Photoshop their images. While there is nothing wrong with a little Photoshop to brighten a photo, get rid of a few stray hairs, etc. – they don’t need to completely change someone’s body or face.

American Eagle’s Lingerie clothing brand, Aerie, recently released an ad campaign that ditches Photoshop and only size-zero models to create a more positive body image.

It is great to see a variety of girls – some ads that go along these lines forget that while people who are overweight are “real women,” so are the women who are naturally very thin. Healthy body times are shown, from skin folds and curves, to naturally thin. The ads are “challenging supermodel standards,” the company said in a press release Friday.

The “Real” Spring 2013 campaign uses images that have not been altered at all. The images, photographed by John Urbano, are of all kinds of girls lounging in their underwear. The ads state that, “The girl in this photo has not been retouched. The real you is sexy.”

Aerie "Real" AdThe great thing about this campaign is that it is targeted at a younger audience. While there were great ads along the same lines for Pantene, Dove, and Special K – those were mainly aimed at slightly older women. The companies’ main shoppers are in high school and college.

Aerie’s website also uses plus size models on their website – when women are looking at a larger size, they can actually see what it might look like on their body type.

Check out the commercial below:

Images via Aerie

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