Nelson Mandela’s Passing Leaves his Family Divided and Hostile

Nelson Mandela


“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” – Nelson Mandela

With countless people around the world still mourning the passing of Nelson Mandela, his wise words continue to inspire and encourage those oppressed to find injustices. However, in a darkly ironic turn of events, Mandela’s family has become engulfed in a horrible feud as they determine who will take care of the late leader’s estate. Mandela was beloved for his commitment to applying peaceful tactics to create social change, which makes it regrettable that his own family cannot follow suit in the wake of his passing.

According to Aislinn Laing for The Telegraph, “Nelson Mandela’s extensive family has continued the bitter squabbles that began before his death with a dispute over who is now their proper leader, days before the reading of his will is expected.” Mandela’s oldest grandson, Mandla Mandela, and his eldest daughter by his first wife, Makaziwe Mandela, are reportedly seeking control of the decision-making within the family over his legacy, something that has caused intense familial friction.

Although hostilities between family members ceased during Mandela’s memorial service, they resumed almost immediately after. The family dispute began making headlines soon after the heavily attended memorial service, an event that served as an opportunity for world leaders to unite, and reconcile. Alas, reconciliation does not seem likely among Mandela’s relatives, who are reportedly most concerned with his burial service, will, and profits to be gained from his legacy in the future.

Nelson Mandela often talked about the struggles that would continue to arise after climbing a metaphorical great hill; indeed, his family will likely be resolving disputes about control and power for years to come. One would hope that Mandla and Makaziwe could resolve their differences in what would be the truest peaceful gift to Mandela, but only time will tell.

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