Special K Wants Women to Stop All of the ‘Fat Talk’

We’ve all done it before. We try on a dress that doesn’t fit or you can’t pull up your jeans anymore and the negativity comes out.

According to Special K’s new commercial, 93% of women engage in some form of social media self-shaming. The company believes that this fat talk is not only negative, but is actually preventing these women from losing weight and feeling better about themselves. They want to stop the fat talk online and in real life.

In the video, they created a fake clothing store. Inside they posted negative body image tweets from women around the world on the price tags.

When the women first saw these comments, they felt disgusted. They then realized they were reading tweets that they had thought at one point or another.

“This is like looking at the inside of my head,” says one woman in the commercial.

This ad is similar to Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches,” although it has not gone as viral as that ad. Some people question the companies’ motives behind the message, considering they sell low-fat and diet products for women.

While this may be the case, I still think this ad campaign was a great idea! It is part of a larger campaign by Special K and model/celebrity Tyra Banks to “Fight Fat Talk.” Banks tweeted a “shhh” picture of herself to help promote the message.

Tyra Banks "Fights Fat Talk"

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