Pistachio Ad Could be Trouble for Dennis Rodman

PistachiosBack when reporters were hounding Dennis Rodman for information on the reclusive communist state and its leader, the former basketball star stated Kim Jong Un was, “a friend for life.” However a new commercial for pistachios may spell major problems for the two friends after the North Korean leader’s latest purge of power.

The commercial is only seconds long. Rodman and a Kim look-a-like are seated next to each other, and Rodman explains the secret to world peace is pistachios. Kim then proceeds to press a red button, blowing up Rodman and leaving the leftover pistachios on his chair. This lighthearted parody in the states has not gone over well with the citizens of North Korea who believe it to be very disrespectful to their leader–if not for the very reason that this parody seems to be poke fun at the real, horrific ways Kim has dealt with obstacles and people in his way. And with the latest purge in Pyongyang, that commercial seems to be right on point.

Early this week, Kim Jong Un very publicly removed his uncle and number two leader, Jang Song-Thaek, from power. Literally. Jang was dragged from his spot at the table during a meeting in Pyongyang. Two of his aides have been allegedly killed during recent public executions. Kim’s uncle was quickly removed from all official portraits and from a documentary aired on the North Korean state television. Jang and his wife have been reported as being alive and with no immediate threats to their life.

This latest purge shows that no one–not even Kim’s family–is safe from the reach of his power if he feels threatened. The commercial was blatantly making fun of Kim’s rush to violence and fear-based tactics; and with Rodman’s return to North Korea in the coming months, this little slip up will probably not go over well with his “friend for life.”

Check out the video below:

IMG: via Shutterstock
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