Apple Buys Topsy for More Than $200M

Apple Buys Topsy for $200M

Andrey Bayda /

Apple has purchased Topsy, a social media analytics firm. The firm was reported sold for over  $200M, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company focuses on analyzing Twitter data. It allows customers to look at over 425 billion tweets from 2006 onward to find trends.  Other big companies with similar abilities are DataSift and Gnip.

According to Forbes, Connie Guglielmo noted that, “Apple has never seemed particularly curious about what people are doing on social media, as long as they do it on their iPhones, iPads and Macbooks. That makes its sudden interest a bit of a mystery. Apple, as usual, is adding to the intrigue by declining to explain itself.”

Apple is already a Twitter partner, and hosts log in and posting features for the social network on IOS and OS X platforms. TechCrunch thinks the reason for this acquisition may is because, “Topsy has technology or engineers (read: acqui-hire) that can parse trends in a way that Apple wants to incorporate into one of its products.”

This means that Apple could possible use your Twitter trends to recommend apps based on your interests. Apple could also theoretically use this data to help advertisers display more relevant ads to their viewers.

In 2012, Apple bought an app search company called Chomp. The company was purchased to help improve app store search results, but didn’t help a ton. Apple has recently been working on providing good results for misspellings and mis-typing when searching the store.

Comment below with any other thoughts as to why Apple wants in on Twitter data!

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