Wanelo is the New Pinterest of Shopping

Deena Varshavskaya, Founder of Wanelo

Deena Varshavskaya, Founder of Wanelo.
IMG: Mashable via Wanelo.

Pinterest is a great resource for finding recipes, fashion ideas, crafts, and more. It’s not, however, a great place to find something you can actually buy. While people can pin products, half the time when you click on a particular sweater or end table, it is sold out or doesn’t direct you to the correct page.

Wanelo makes online shopping a lot easier. No more falling in love with an item on Pinterest and finding it doesn’t direct you to it. And, no more browsing your 8 favorite websites for a new sweater.

The social discovery site Wanelo — short for Want Need Love — is here to make things easier.

Deena Varshavskaya, Founder of Wanelo, talked with Mashable about how she came up with the idea for the site.


IMG: via Wanelo

I was thinking about advertising today and how it interrupts our experience; how it doesn’t create value for us. I started thinking, “What is advertising [going to be] 30 years from now?” It’s not going to survive in its current form — but without advertising, how will we find out about products and stores that are relevant to us? That’s where I began. In order to avoid interrupting the user experience on Wanelo, there’s no promotion and no advertising; the entire experience is driven by you.

If you want to find the perfect place to shop (or create a holiday wish list) I’d suggest checking it out!


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6 Responses to Wanelo is the New Pinterest of Shopping

  1. Advertising a an industry the fascinates me and also makes me nervous for the future of it. With social media platforms taking over the traditional advertising industry, I often find myself wondering also where it will be in 30 years from now. How is the new generation going to be attracted to products and how will advertisers have to change their campaigns? I often find myself on Pinterest/Wanelo themed websites being inspired on what I want to wear any buy. Brands should be advertising on Pinterest to receive the maximum attention and profit.

  2. Reblogged this on Social Media Boutique and commented:
    Wanelo is Pinterests biggest competition, but both are changing the traditional way of advertising.

  3. Samara S. says:

    The new developments in the social media world, also make me nervous for advertising however I do not believe that advertising will be phased out any time soon. As with all industries, advertising just needs to continue to grow and change with the times, adjusting and adapting to new trends and new techniques. As far as pinterest goes, I absolutely love it – most of the recipes I make come from pinterest and outfit ideas are no different. One major frustration I have that you mentioned in this post, is that many pins lead you nowhere! Even if I want a recipe, sometimes you click and it just takes you to a larger image on a third party site. I have never used wanelo before, however I am going to start now! It seems like the perfect place to gain fashion inspiration in a clutter free environment!

  4. samanthametz says:

    Wanelo is so cool! My friend introduced me to it last year and I really like it. The biggest difference I found between Pinterest and Wanelo is that I use Pinterest more as a “wish-list” and Wanelo when I want to legitimately buy something. When I pin outfits and things of the like on Pinterest, of course I’d like to own them but usually it’s a lot of designer clothes that simply can’t fit my college student budget. But when I use Wanelo, I almost always buy the item and it does make online shopping so much easier. I definitely think these two outlets have changed the face of advertising! Both these sites are very image based so you have to make sure your product looks good in order for people to be slightly interested.

  5. rdvorin18 says:

    I found Wanelo about a year ago, and completely agree! It is an awesome site that makes it easy for people to scroll through in a Pinterest-like fashion, but also buy at the same time. I think that in the future it may really become popular. It is subtle advertising and does not take away from the shopping aspect, and it does not distract.

  6. Alyd120 says:

    Agreed! I was excited when I found it. The only thing I hate about Pinterest is at times you LOVE something but it goes to a blank page and you have no idea where/how to find it!

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