New Kickstarter Keyboard Teaches Children Computer Science & Engineering at a Young Age

Digital Dream Labs cloudBoard

IMG: via Digital Dream Labs

A new video game accessory was launched by Digital Dream Labs called cloudBoard, which helps teach kindergarten-aged children computer science. Their mission is to create educational children’s games, and cover different concepts such as engineering and chemistry.

Digital Dream Labs is a startup based in Pittsburgh, and only has 5 employees. Their first product, the cloudBoard, is a “board game-video game hybrid,” which is aimed at children ages 4-12. The game uses plastic blocks, which control a video game character to teach different concepts. The blocks can represent molecules, notes, characters, and more.

The way the keyboard teaches different concepts is by allowing players to map out a route for their characters using the tiles on the board, before the character completes it. This is suppose to result in higher-level brain functioning, because they then connect an abstract concept with a real world hands-on learning.

The co-founder of Digital Dream Labs, Peter Kinney, said that, “Having a physical piece that you can hold in your hands also engages more of your mind and gives you a way to relate complicated subjects to something you already understand, which is the basis of hands-on learning.”

The cloudBoard is compatible with almost all devices, PC, tablet or smartphone.

“The ideas that we’re the most excited about are the ones that other people will come up with,” Kinney says. “We realize that we’re not going to be able to make every cloudBoard game ourselves, so every cloudBoard can also be used as a development unit for anyone to make their own games on.”

Digital Dream Labs is still seeking funding through its Kickstarter project, which ends Dec. 10. It has received over $20,000 toward a $90,000 goal.

Check out the video below to see how it works:

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