This Simple App Is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare IndustryWith all the hullabaloo about the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, one thing has been made very clear: it would be nice if the healthcare industry could simplify itself somehow. We need affordable healthcare. We need fast healthcare. We need quality healthcare. We need easy healthcare. We need digital access to healthcare. We need a lot.

The website is a monster of a site, which is a big part of the reason things that are broken have taken so long to fix. With over 50,000 lines of code, its an incredibly complex process. But despite the initial trouble, going digital is really the right direction. More healthcare providers have started streamlining process and applications with great success.

In particular, providers are turning to Keith Krach’s DocuSign, which allows companies and providers to get results fast, have a higher ROI, and make transactions simpler. Allergan, a specialty pharmaceutical company, integrated DocuSign into their clinical drug trials—an action which ended up saving them about $50 per document and reducing turnaround time by 95%.DocuSign

DocusSign has also been endorsed by other big health industry names like Genentech, the Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic. And CEO Keith Krach says he thinks DocuSign could also help businesses when it comes to implementing the Affordable Care Act.

“We think we can help that quite a bit,” Krach says. “If you think about going to the doctor’s office, all the paperwork you have to fill out, and the audit trail that’s needed behind that, and all the different forms. Signatures is just a small part of that, and what we do is the forms, the audit trail, the storage, the security… so we think that’s a great opportunity to help this nation.”

Images via Shutterstock and DocuSign.

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