‘You’re Not a Princess’ Promotes Female Empowerment

You're Not a Princess Ad Campaign

Image via Doe-Anderson

A lot of little girls grow up wanting to be a princess, and while that is all cute and fun, shouldn’t they be aspiring for more?

The Mercy Academy at an all-girls prep school in Kentucky has made headlines with it’s new ad campaign. The ads state things like, “You’re not a princess” and encourage girls to “be able to rescue themselves” and that their “story is a sweet original.”

“The deck is still stacked a bit against young girls as they make their way into the world,” said David Vawter, chief creative officer at Doe-Anderson, the ad agency that created the campaign. “This notion of an institution that can help girls prepare for succeeding in the real world, on the world’s terms, was very exciting for us.”

The ad is targeted towards middle-school ages girls who are deciding where to go for high school – this is definitely the age group most susceptible to self doubt. The ads have appeared numerous places, including radio, billboards, bus shelters, and more. The ad will also appear in local movie theaters before The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

You're Not a Princess Ad Campaign

Image via Doe-Anderson

Doe-Anderson is an ad company that was founded in 1915, and has an all-female design team. The actual messages were created by the all girls Catholic high school, Mercy.

“The credit for whatever success this campaign has goes to them,” Vawter said. “They have a distinctive point of view. They believe in treating girls like equal partners in society with boys. They believe strongly that girls have a right to be equally represented in any level of society and that’s what this program and this curriculum is all about.”

What do you think of the ad campaign?

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