People are NOT Happy Kmart Is Opening at 6am Thanksgiving Day

KmartIt’s no secret Kmart (owned by Sears) has been struggling. Business Insider published an article showing depressing photos of why the stores are doing so bad, saying that “The research and photos presented below show that Kmart, believe it or not, may be in worse fundamental shape than Sears!”

10 years ago Kmart was Wal-Mart’s biggest rival – where did they go wrong? Last year the company closed 100 stores after a bad holiday season, and continue to have low numbers.

In a possible attempt to fox this, less than two days ago, Kmart reported that they were going to be starting their Thanksgiving sales early – by opening at 6am. Now, Kmart is already open on Thanksgiving, but they don’t usually open till at least 8.

I do find it a bit funny – many stores are open on Thanksgiving, and Kmart is really only opening a few hours sooner. I think people are more annoyed that retail stores are open in general on holidays, and taking it out on Kmart who chose to be open a bit sooner. Look below to see a lot of angry shoppers who went to the Kmart Facebook page to complain.

Kmart Facebook Complaints

Kmart went on to respond to the angry customers, but people were not satisfied with the answers.

Kmart Facebook Complaints

I an attest to what the last complaint is saying. I worked in retail (specifically Kmart) and did not have the option to take holidays off. Yes, they did work seasonal workers more on holidays, but not everyone can just ask for the holidays off and get them. You had to hope people liked you enough to let you have it off. However, that is how retail goes and I paid my dues. Now that I am a college student I will (hopefully) not have to worry about that again.

What do you think? Should people really be as mad as they are, or are these complaints justified?

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