Banksy Sells Artwork in Central Park

Banksy on Whymark

IMG: Flickr via Shawn Hayward

Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist and painter. He is known for painting beautiful works of art with a distinctive stencelling technique. Unlike most artists, he works all night, so know one actually knows when the artwork is going up. Most of the artwork is done on walls, doors, and bridges, and other similar canvases. Until recently, know one knew who he actually was.

This past Saturday in Central Park, the artist was selling his original artwork for only $60. In the past, the artwork has sound for tens of thousands of dollars each.

On Banksy’s website, he posted a video of the event in Central Park. Surprisingly, it took several hours just to sell one piece of artwork. The first lady even asked for a 50% discount. By the end of the day, he sold to three buyers and made $420 dollars. The three unaware buyers are going to make quite a profit if they ever chose to sell their work.

To get an idea, in 2007 Banksy’s work “Space Girl & Bird” was purchased for $578,000.

Check out the video from his website below:

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