Seattle Considers a $15 Minimum Wage or Higher

Minimum Wage

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Thinking of a high schooler working their first job make $15 dollars minimum seems crazy – but that may be the reality in Seattle.

Currently, Washington has the highest minimum wage in the country, at $9.19. There has been a lot of talk lately about raising the national minimum wage to $15, but Seattle’s Mayor Mike McGinn said he’d like to see it even higher. I think we can foresee a lot of raises in the future; many college graduates are working entry level jobs where they make just about that.

In an interview with The Associated Press, McGinn said he thought $15 was a “fair starting point” for the minimum wage. He said that the issue should be dealt with legislatively.

“If the council proposed a higher number, I’d support that,” said McGinn. He added later: “I would expect that, if re-elected, we would put together a coalition to figure out how far we could go on the minimum wage.”

While the ideas of a $15 minimum wage sounds great to the workers, what would it do to small businesses? While Washington would only have to pay their workers 6 dollars more per hour, think of the states like Missouri at $6.50, which would require them to more than double what they were paying before. Think of the recent college grads who are making $12-17 dollars in hour in entry level jobs, suddenly they are making minimum wage with a degree or hardly above.

While it is a great idea in theory, I still think states’ minimum wages should very depending on cost of living. Someone working a minimum wage job in New York should certainly make more money than someone in Minnesota.

What are your thoughts on a possible $15 minimum wage?

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